Fun Friendship Bracelet Collection F

Different designs just for fun. 

F1 Bright Tie-Dye Swirl. Lined. Out of Stock

F2 Ocean set of 3 bracelets priced at $20 for all three.

Whale polymer clay bead bracelet.

Dream Big beaded bracelet.

Happy Starfish beaded bracelet.

F3 Colorful Hearts. Lined.

F4 Love/Hate set of 3 bracelets priced at $20 for all three. Arrange to suit your mood.

It's a Love Hate Thing.

Love Hate It's a Thing.

F5 Ombre Red. Unlined. 

F6 Rainbow Waves. Lined with Blue Boho Ribbon. 

F7 Wide Rag Rug Design with Fringed Edges. Unlined. Out of Stock

F8 Harry Potter Quidditch Snitch. Lined with Big Moe's label.


Unlined bracelets show the pattern on the front and the back of the bracelet. Sometimes I like the "wrong" side better!


One size fits all with tie ends long enough to adjust.



Priced Individually

$20 each.

Purchase by item number.


Your Purchase Includes Wildflower Seeds

Big Moe's loves nature!  Wildflower seeds are embedded in your handmade paper display card. Wet the card, crumple it up, plant it in soil & see what grows.

Please recycle the clear outer sleeve that protected your bracelet in transit. Thank you!

Friendship Bracelet Collection F

  • One size fits all with tie ends long enough adjust. Please allow for slight size variations.

    Average length excluding ties: Approximately 7". 
    Average width: Approximately 1/2" to 1", varies by pattern. 
    Display cards size 1.25" wide x 8.5" long for visual comparison.

    Please inquire if you need more details about bracelets in this listing.