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Tiny Painted Bee Bell

Small painted bell has a yellow and black striped honeybee with shimmering wings on the front; and a plain gold back. Not all the bees fly in the same direction. This little rustic, tin bell has a gilded gold, shimmery paint base coat inside and out; and an original design by Big Moe's Camp-O-Rama artisan owner, Paula Ellis, painted on the front.

Some pictured for scale before the pom-pons were added.

They are called Wee Wee Bells because they're tiny and they tinkle.



Painted tin bell

Rustic soldered construction

Metal loop at top

Metal clapper

All now have three yellow pom-pons above the bell
String hanging cord with a loop at the top

Acrylic paint


Peaceful, tinkly sound

Artisan handmade with attention to detail


Sizes are approximate:

Bell height excluding metal top loop and clapper: 0.875"

Bell diameter: 0.75"

Total length including cord about 6.5 to 7"


This listing is for one Bee Bell
Some bees fly up, some fly down & some fly sideways.

Big Moe will choose one for you.

No two wee bells turn out exactly alike.

The item you are purchasing will be similar to the items pictured.


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Bee Wee Bell Windchime Doorbell

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