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Lotus Flower Mandala Painted Rock

Natural dark stone has a mehndi-inspired lotus mandala design painted in translucent white with minimal grey accents.

Materials: Natural stone, water-based acrylic paint, clear matte varnish, which adds a faint sheen. It does not have a high gloss finish. 

Shape: Flat,  irregular oval. 

Size: Approximately 3.0" x 2.5". The height tapers from .80" to .70". This stone has a beautiful heft to it, it weights just under a half a pound and if feels good to hold.

Texture: Smooth with a naturally formed scratch mark on the back. 

Back Side: Varnished natural dark stone. Signed "Moe" on the back.

Artist: Paula Ellis of Big Moe's.


OOAK, original art, stone, garden, mehndi, mandala, ornament, zen, stocking stuffer, natural, paperweight, teacher, yoga, flower, lotus, yogi, meditate, gift


This listing is for one Lotus Mandala painted rock.

Lotus Blossom Mandala Painted Rock

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