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Remember these?

Our Moe-Jo Fortune Teller Games are nostalgic, old-fashioned fun. Learn your fate by mysterious flashlight's glow in the tent, or foretell fun times together on a rainy day.


Open and close the Moe-Jo with a pinch of your fingers as you spell out the words and count the numbers, then lift the flap to reveal your fortune.


Each design has a theme, and the mysteries cannot be revealed until it is in your hands. Just a glimpse of the themes is pictured here, so trust your intuition to choose a lucky one. 


These fancy Fortune Tellers are little works of art. They were made by

Moetta Wayweird, Journey Reader of Big Moe's Camp-O-Rama from colorful scrapbook paper, then hand-lettered in cursive script. As always, kindness and humor prevail. Your Moe-Jo origami game is tied with two charms to do with as you wish; a crystal stone and an evil eye to watch out for you.


Folded flat with the inner wording hidden, the size is 6" x 6". Open for use, each is bigger in your hand than a large apple.


Safety Warning. Beware! 

The stone and charm on your Moe-Jo package are not intended for small children, as they are a choking hazard. 

"Moe-Jo" Cootie Catcher Fortune Teller Game

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