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Freaky Bigfoot UFO Alien Dinosaur Bunting

Are you a believer? Perfect for the science and pseudoscience nerds out there. This bunting has it all, including flames in case Armageddon is upon us.


11 flags 

2 giant ferns

2 leafy camouflage

3 flames

1 dinosaur

2 Bigfoot

1 Alien surgery

Flag dimensions  6.5" wide x 6.5" tall

Flag span length 6' 2.5"

Total length including ties 8' 6.5" 


Lime green bias tape.

Washable cotton and cotton/cotton-polyester blend fabrics. Not flame-retardant.


Artisan handmade with attention to detail. No two buntings turn out exactly alike. The item in this listing is the exact item you are purchasing.


See matching, very similar bunting here. Not an exact duplicate.


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Sasquatch Alien Dinosaur Bunting

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