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Big Moe's Camp-O-Rama

Reviews & Comments

Thank you for setting up such an experience! I should have really recorded comments from folks exiting Big Moe's, but I jotted a few things down, such as:

"...Could you even believe that?"

"F---ing awesome"

"That was truly a Mid-Century wonderland"

"When we going camping?"

"Didn't Mom have most of that stuff?"

"Reminded me of Pops"

"So happy we got this; that guy was looking at it; we scored!"

'I don't care what Jim says, this is going in the kitchen"

"When I saw it, I had to get it!"

Just wanted to share!

Your "shop" was the hit of the event!

-Catherine J.


Please take note of the handmade friendship bracelet created by Paula Ellis. In itself, it's a colorful reminder for all to see. But the EXTRA COOL FACTOR is that the display card...has wildflower seeds embedded in the paper!! I will wet it, smush it up, plant the whole thing paper and all and watch what grows. Paula's jewelry and other original creations are truly inspiring. If you haven't already, please check out Big Moe's Camp-O-Rama & follow @bigmoescamporama #bigmoescamporama #supportlocalartists

-Maggie L.

Paula, I got the fortune tellers today and they are so fun! I love them! My friends will really like them, I'm sure. Hopefully they will bring back good memories for them as they do for me. Thank you so much! I really enjoy the things you make-they are always unusual and beautiful! I'm sure I'll be shopping at Big Moe's again soon!

-Mary H.


That's some AWESOME creativity there Paula

Peggy is so creative too

I     Big Moe's Camp-O-Rama!!!


Love it!!!

So creative


How fun

My compliments

-Todd S.

Hi Paula! Your rocks are amazing! Where do you sell them?



The rock is even better than the picture.

Thank you very much!

Here's your check!

-Milas Y.

Oh wow...absolutely love those! I will have to order! Thanks for sharing your art.


After driving over 20 hours straight, @fergus_thebig's sweet family arrived...
...Presents were also brought (because they are just amazingly sweet people)...
...The level of apropos and talent just blows my mind! Thank you thank you thank you!

Spirits & S'mores Event

Such fun at S'mores & Spirits last night!


loved it!!!!


Great times you all made it nice


This looks so amazing

-Andy L.

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